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Sentira XR Announces Successful Completion of its Seed Investment Round


Sentira XR, a UK-based provider of medical and healthcare VR simulations, today announces the completion of its seed investment round raising £250 000. The investment capital will be used to support the development of their medical simulations and to launch their go-to-market strategy. Angel investors with expertise from across the edtech field participated in the SEIS funding round. 

Dr Tony Payton and Dr Martin Fergie from the University of Manchester founded Sentira XR to revolutionise the training of healthcare professionals using VR and AI technologies. Experienced edtech leader Jeremy Carter joined them in late 2022 as CEO.

Sentira XR’s simulations allow practitioners to engage in authentic conversations with patient avatars whilst simultaneously carrying out standard processes and procedures. Built-in assessment tools mean that they receive ongoing personalised feedback.

Jeremy Carter CEO Sentira XR

‘It’s a privilege to welcome our seed investors to the Sentira XR family. Their investment and expertise allow us to further develop our VR and AI medical simulations and to launch our go-to-market strategy.

At Sentira XR we bring together, for the first time, conversational AI and practical tasks delivered in a fully immersive VR environment. Practitioners at all levels experience authentic patient interaction while carrying out medical procedures and processes. Medical and healthcare education is developing rapidly with simulated learning taking centre stage.’’ 

About Sentira XR

Sentira XR is a provider of pioneering medical and healthcare simulations. Its transformative VR training uses AI to deliver educational content that is fully immersive, interactive and authentic. This groundbreaking technology dramatically enhances medical and healthcare training. It enables the delivery of engaging training simulations to practitioners anywhere, anytime, while complementing conventional education methods.

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