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Jeremy Carter joins AI Symposium Panel at the International eAssessment Conference 2024

AI Symposium at the International eAssessment Conference 2024. Sponsored by risr/

Revolutionising Education: The Role of AI in Training, Education, and Assessment

SentiraXR’s CEO Jeremy Carter will join an expert panel at the International eAssessment Conference next week. The panel discussion forms part of the event’s first-ever AI Symposium entitled “Revolutionising Education: The Role of AI in Training, Education, and Assessment.” This panel will explore the integration of AI-simulated standardised actors into educational frameworks, with a focus on skills-based assessments in medical education.

The discussion will feature experts in AI technology, medical education, ethics in technology, and policy-making, providing a comprehensive analysis of the topic.

Panel Agenda:

  • Introduction: Overview of AI applications in education and AI-simulated standardised actors
  • Opportunities: Insights on the benefits and innovations AI brings to educational assessment
  • Challenges: Open discussion on ethical, technical, and practical hurdles in AI implementation
  • Q&A Session: Audience engagement with questions for the panelists
  • Conclusion and Future Directions: Key takeaways and potential steps forward for AI in education

This panel aims to spark a multidisciplinary dialogue on the transformative potential of AI in education. By examining both opportunities and challenges, it hopes to pave the way for the thoughtful integration of AI technologies to enhance learning outcomes, address equity and accessibility issues, and uphold ethical standards in education.

The AI Symposium is sponsored by risr/.

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